5 Great Ways to Style Ceramics in Your Home

Artisan ceramics are a beautiful way to add a personal touch to your interior and are rising in popularity among new home owners thanks to their Instagrammable allure. There are many ways to introduce handmade ceramics and characterful pottery to your home, from curating stylish side tables to revamping your kitchenware. Read on for our interior design tips on styling your home with handmade clayware to transform your abode with colour, texture and intrigue. 

Pottery in Interior Design

Earthenware home accessories add a special hand-thrown touch to any room, gracing our bookshelves, bedside tables and dining tables to create a truly personalised home aesthetic, from minimalist ceramics to patterned pots.

  1. In the kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and it’s the perfect place to add a touch of personality using wholesome handcrafted ceramics. If you have open shelving or glazed wall cabinets in your kitchen, you already have the perfect place to display your collection of ceramics. Use earthenware to add a pop of colour or go all white for a more minimalistic effect. If you prefer to keep the majority of your crockery behind closed doors, one or two simple ceramics like our flecked cheeseboard can be propped up on your worktop to add subtle texture.

  1. Statement sideboard

Ceramics are all the rage for spring and a statement vase is an excellent way to elevate your interior, filled with fresh blooms or a dried flower arrangement to introduce a striking focal point for your sideboard. Pair a gorgeous earthenware piece like our terracotta vase with a couple of pretty ceramic coasters for a well put together look in your hallway or living room.

  1. Bookshelf feature

If you have wall space to fill, a bookshelf is a great way to create vertical interest and can be used to house so much more than books alone. The temptation with shelving is to fill it from end to end, but creating negative space by artistically spreading out your books and picture frames with some well-placed ceramics creates a stylish backdrop to your room while displaying treasured homewares. This speckled stoneware ornamental vase by Tonfisk is the perfect accompaniment to a well styled bookshelf. 

  1. Bedside table styling 

Making the bed each morning, complete with scatter cushions and an imaginatively placed throw, can be quite transformative to the whole bedroom. But a good bedside tablescape is all the rage right now can really take your interior to the next level. A decorative one-of-a-kind coaster will protect your bedside furniture from unsightly water rings and a handmade jewellery dish is the perfect place to keep your precious trinkets safe while you sleep, like Rebecca Ridley’s stained stoneware clay pots which make a versatile addition to any bedside table.

  1. Indoor jungle

Another interior design trend which has been steadily on the rise since circa 2019 is the resurgence of houseplants. An indoor jungle is a great way to create a tropical aesthetic while also improving air quality and promoting good mental health. It’s also a fabulous opportunity to introduce ceramics into your home. From miniature pots to oversized clay planters and even wall planters, perfect for trailing plants or alpine species, there is a wealth of options to inject your own personality into your home design with handmade plant pots. 

Using Ceramics to Elevate your Décor 

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