8 Ways to Conquer Creative Block

So, your once plentiful well of creative ideas has dried up, leaving you feeling unmotivated and demoralised. The past 12 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions for many. The boundaries of your comfort zone have gradually closed in around you and the inability to live your life as you usually would has (unsurprisingly) hampered your creative output. 

It’s rife in the creative industry since the pandemic began, so we wanted to put together this helpful guide on conquering creative block. 

Feeling stuck on your creative project? Try these things to get your creative juices flowing again.

Here are 10 tips to help get you inspired:

  • Get out and spend some time soaking up the wonders of the world
  • No matter how many houseplants you have on your window sills or paintings lining your walls, the amount of time we’ve all been forced to spend inside during the pandemic is enough to sap anyone’s creative energy. Getting out and about and discovering new streets or parks helps to give us some perspective. Pay attention to everything around you, whether that’s taking a close up look at the blossom on the trees, soaking up the architecture or observing fellow humans – what they wear, how they act and so on.

  • Set the scene in your studio – whatever that looks like
  • Perhaps your interior needs a refresh. Try moving some furniture around and removing clutter from the situation. Put on some music, light a candle, fill your space with fresh flowers or even paint your walls a new colour. Whatever gets you in the groove! Small changes like these can go a long way in reinvigorating your creativity.  

  • Sleep on it – tomorrow is a new day
  • You’ve been staring at your project all day, getting things wrong and feeling progressively more and more frustrated. Perhaps it’s time to call it a day? Create some detachment between your creatively stagnant day and your bedtime so that feelings of frustration don’t continue to swirl in your subconscious as you sleep. A nurturing bedtime ritual like an essential oil bath or evening meditation is a great way to unwind so that you can get a good night’s sleep and approach your project the following day with fresh eyes. 

  • Look to others for inspiration
  • So many creatives are struggling with creative block right now, and it’s no surprise. But there’s always someone somewhere doing something new and exciting. Dedicate some time to doing your research. Follow some new accounts and check out webinars led by artists or virtual events hosted by galleries, museums or art schools. Hey, perhaps even browsing our catalogue of hand crafted homewares will inspire you!

  • The early bird catches the worm
  • When we feel ourselves getting progressively more and more demotivated over long periods of time, we can fall out of routines and start creating bad habits for ourselves. Lounging in bed in the mornings is a comforting experience and taking things slow can be a great form of selfcare. But when it becomes a regular habit, feelings of guilt and underachievement take over and it can be pretty easy to get stuck in a rut. Let’s be honest, you’re unlikely to find inspiration from bed, so get up and at ‘em! 

  • Set yourself bite sized achievable tasks
  • When we hype up a project in our own minds, it can quickly become a daunting prospect. Often the hardest thing is knowing how to start. Our advice is to break things down into bite sized chunks and work towards that milestone in stages. Shake off the fear of failure and allow yourself to make mistakes – they might end up being your greatest creation so far. 

  • Get something (anything!) down on paper
  • Sometimes it feels like you have so many ideas swirling around in your head that it makes it almost impossible to pick one and run with it. If that sounds like you, a simple pen and paper could be your new best friend. Whether it’s a list of ideas, sketches that pop into your head or a string of words, getting your ideas down on paper lets you see them laid out in front of you, giving you clarity and room to focus on a single creative pursuit.  

  • Stay hydrated
  • Not to sound too much like your mum but, have you had enough to drink today? It’s amazing what hydration does to the brain. Hit the hydration station and get those synapses firing. When you’ve had enough fluids to drink, you feel more energised and have a much better chance of focusing on the task at hand. It’s no surprise really since your brain is made up of about 75% water!

    Hopefully these tips and tricks on how to break through your creative block work for you.  If you have any great sources of inspiration you would like to recommend, drop us a DM on Instagram and we’ll share it with our community of creators.