A Guide to Kempton Market

As many of you know we now have a Vintage Finds section on our website! With our backgrounds being in interior design, one of our favourite pastimes is to source homewares, and in particular vintage pieces. We believe that sourcing used, up- cycled and preloved home goods is very much in line with our sustainable ethos here at Florence and Blank. The majority of the items we list are, like our main range of products, handmade too! With the launch of our new range, we wanted to share some tips and tricks regarding sourcing homewares, and so where better to take you to than Kempton Market!

With over 40 years worth of antique markets at Kempton Park Racecourse this market is the place to be if you want to find anything for your home. From large furniture items, to artwork, lighting, crockery, textiles and much, much more! So if you're considering a trip to Kempton yourself, below are some of our tips for getting your hands on the best bits.

Firstly, 6:30am is early, but it is so worth it! It a daunting start, especially if you're travelling from afar. But to make sure you find what you're looking for and don't miss out we would suggest arriving between 6:30am and 7am. Sometimes if you get there for 6:30am the stallholders are still setting up and need to get stuff out, so you may end up needing to go back to some of the pitches you've already been to, but generally you'll walk back past quite a few as you leave.

Bringing something to carry your purchases in is always useful! Be that a backpack, tote bags, a granny trolley even? It's up to you, but I would suggest function over fashion and keep it practical so you don't need to keep going back and forth to your car to drop stuff off.

We would suggest taking cash, but some stallholders do accept card, and will also do PayPal transfers. We tend to go with a budget in mind so that we don't overspend.. it helps stop our purchasing going out of control!

If you see something you like then trust your instincts, and don't rely on the idea that it might still be there when you do decide you like it and go back. We've missed out on a few goodies by not picking them up straight away, and regretting it later when they'd disappeared. We learnt the hard way! The portfolio of artwork in this blog is something I regret not purchasing from the last market I went too. Luckily I got some pictures, but the colours just aren't the same as they were in real life!

Finally, make sure you double check the dates of the market and make sure nothing has changed in current circumstances. Normally there would be two markets a month, and they tend to be on a Tuesday but who knows what's happening right now, and it would be truly devastating to get up so early to just wander around an empty racecourse.