Our Community Coffee Collaboration

Tazza is a local community run cafe serving the best coffee in our hometown. A few years back they had a big renovation and transformed their space making it much more inviting, considerably more hipster and in redoing their branding a lot fresher too. The new cafe caught our eye and we began to regularly purchase a coffee there whenever we were on the high-street. We met the then manager Matt, and built a good relationship with him which led to us taking on the curation of the artwork in the cafe. They have a great expanse of grey walls with a copper pipe running directly along the feature wall from one end of the cafe to the other. This provided the perfect space to hang up various works of art and for a couple of years we would transform the space every three months or so. 

We hung up tufted wall art (think fluffy rugs), screen prints, digital artwork, photography.. many different mediums of artwork! The projects were mostly colour filled and regularly put smiles on the customers faces. One of our main projects actually involved Emilie's great grandfather, Cecil. He used to paint advertisements back in the 1930's/40's for well known brands such as Vimto, Bird's and Jacob's Crackers. To pay homage to his talent and him as an artist we curated a little exhibition of the original posters and prints of some of his work. The local print studio SM1 Prints made some copies of these original posters and we then sold these to raise money for The Royal Marsden Hospital. 

In short the experience we had curating and selling artwork with Tazza has been one which has further ingrained the importance of community, and also been a huge part of our creative journey. We learnt a lot curating the artwork for them and hope that with Florence + Blank we can gradually provide support to the creative community, and be able to give back to our local community too. We hope to organise some fundraising events and exhibitions so watch this space!

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