Create an Oasis of Calm with these Neutral Décor Tips

You want to create a home where you feel settled and comfortable, one that reflects your personality and is practical at the same time. If you are drawn to understated style and simplistic interiors that aren’t full-blown minimalist but are unfussy, then these neutral decor tips are for you. 

We are big on celebrating the use of raw materials, artisan style and hand-crafted quality pieces and believe that textures and tactile pieces when woven into a neutral colour scheme, mean that you don’t need bright colours to make a room pop. 

Neutral Interior Design Ideas

Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring and here we’ll talk about the interior design tips which will maintain a calm and centred environment that’s also welcoming, interesting and stylish. From texture and light to tones and feature pieces, we’ll let you in on our favourite neutral décor ideas.


Earthy tones

There has been a shift away from magnolia towards cooler grey tones in recent years, but we are seeing a shift back to more earthy tones which emit warmth and serenity. Gone are the days when the shade “magnolia” with its yellow undertones was the only neutral option. You can be bold and earthy in the same brush-stroke and we are seeing a rise in bohemian shades of terracotta, pinkish nudes and buff neutrals with redder bases. 


Textural accessories 

A neutral room can be elevated with the use of textural home accessories. The Japanese philosophy of “wabi-sabi” comes into play here and is all about seeing the beauty in imperfection. From wobbly silhouettes to the texture that cracks, frays and chips give to a piece, selecting artisan ornaments like handmade ceramics with a one-off quality to them is key when it comes to styling a neutral interior that creates intrigue. 

Ambient lighting

Notice how the sunlight moves around your room throughout the day. Are there any magical bright spots which would show off a centre piece beautifully? Perhaps you can accentuate this using reflective surfaces to help light to bounce around the room. If there are dark corners, consider how you will light them, with either discrete strip lighting, dimmable overhead lighting or a striking lamp.   

Mixed materials

There is such an amazing array of material choices for interior design elements and some admittedly though trendy at the time, have the potential to fall out of fashion. The Nordic interior design trend however  has really stood its ground, thanks to the use of natural materials like wool, pampas grass, earthenware and bleached wood. The Danish notion of Hygge is all about making considered choices and finding comfort in simplicity and we can’t see that concept going out of fashion any time soon. 

Our Top Picks for Neutral Homeware

Keeping a simple colour palette while adding in characterful materials and textural elements is a great way of creating an interior that is elegant yet understated, stylish yet relaxed. Feeling inspired? Take a look at these F+B top picks:

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Written by Millie Sephton.