Our feature in Collagerie

October has started off on a very positive foot for us as we announce our first ever feature! 

Collagerie expertly curates the best of fashion, interiors, beauty and lifestyle. Founded by Lucinda Chambers and Serena Hood, two very influential women who have inspired so many in the creative industry.

Having been Fashion Director at Vogue for 25 years, Lucinda has been a huge icon for me over many years. So, understandably I was rather taken-a-back when we were contacted by the Collagerie team! Our coloured striped tea towels were chosen by Lucinda for her October Wishlist, and they do look the part alongside other beautiful pieces from the likes of Anthropologie, Vaughan and Cos. 

The emphasis of Collagerie is on the 'emotional relationship' of purchasing, something we feel strongly about at Florence + Blank. We encourage, as they do at Collagerie to shop very carefully, and as they rightly state themselves, 'we don't buy massive amounts of things... it's about something that lasts...'.  

Our striped tea towels are hand sewn, and made from 100% linen which is naturally organic and completely biodegradable.. so when you are finished loving them, they won't harm our planet.

See Lucinda's October Wishlist

Only a week later, two of the amazing Florence + Blank makers have also been featured on Collagerie via our website. Vita Mazarine is a textile designer, and Ciona Lee (Tonfisk) a ceramicist. 

Vita's cushions are designed, printed and hand sewn in her home studio in Kent. Her Shadow design is inspired by shapes and silhouettes which are created through the combination of sunlight and natural forms found around her home. She prints on to 100% organic linen, which looks beautifully textured, whilst still being comfortable and plush.

Ciona's carafe can also be used as a vase for dried or fresh flowers. She has hand built this one-off, unique piece in her London studio. Made with grogged stoneware clay, and finished with a white glaze, it has a soft speckle surface and is wonderfully tactile.

Shop Vita's cushions here, and Ciona's ceramics here!