How We Came Up With Our Brand Name

Since launching, we’ve had a fair few questions about the origins of our brand name, so we thought we would give you some insight into how Florence and Blank came to be.

As co-founders, Sam and I wanted the brand to have a personal reflection, but it was also important for us to choose a name which would encompass many other creatives too. 

Devising our name was definitely a eureka moment; we weren’t talking about what we would call our company, we were just having a general conversation about our names. Having recently become engaged, I would soon be taking Sam’s surname in place of mine; I said my new full name out loud, my middle name, Florence, included and followed with Sam’s full name. Seeing as Sam has no middle name, I said ‘Blank’ in its place and just like that, Florence and Blank was born!

Although we had never intended to have name associations with our company, we soon realised that adding a personal touch to the name would enable us to better reflect our brand ethos. At Florence and Blank we believe it is important to know the people behind the products, such as our much-loved ceramics and prints, that we supply; we take pride in supplying home goods to our customers, which, in turn, directly support independent makers and artists. By using a part of our names, we hope to emphasise that there are real people behind our brand and our products. Florence + Blank is not run by machines: we are real people who care about our brand, our makers and artists and of course our customers.