Sunday Maker's Session with ŠVIESA

This week we talk to Caitlin and Marco, the duo behind a new brand, ŠVIESA! Their wonderful range of candles are not only utterly scrumptious, but are designed for displaying, to add a little something to your home aesthetic. Each candle is hand-poured individually with the environment at the forefront, using 100% natural wax which is biodegradable! We will soon be stocking their Little Cloud Sets, ready for Christmas!


Hey Caitlin and Marco, thank you for doing our Sunday Maker's Session this weekend. As our newest makers and small business owners we're keen to find out a little bit more about yourselves and your brand ŠVIESA, so firstly how was ŠVIESA born?

We always wanted to work on a project or business idea together and throughout lockdown, we had more time than ever to experiment with different ideas. I (Caitlin) come from a very creative background and always thrive when I’m creating/ making. Throughout lockdown, something I did order, just to keep me busy was a little candle making kit, just enough to make a single candle at a time, once I made my first few they got a really positive reaction. From this and previous research/ Marcos background education and knowledge in business, we just went for it, jumped right in and created our own little business, ŠVIESA. 

 Sviesa Candle Maker Caitlin and Marco


We know your candles are environmentally friendly and contain natural ingredients which are great! What is the importance of this to you and your brand? 

In the world we live in today we believe we’re all responsible for doing our bit and not contributing to the massive amount of waste and pollution that our planet holds. Using natural materials wasn’t really something we had to think twice about, it was a natural instinct we had as in our everyday lives we are always conscious about producing as little waste as possible, using environmentally friendly products and just being good humans to the earth. 


Is there a particular part of the candle making process that you enjoy most?

We’d have to say, seeing the final product and how it has turned out is the most satisfying. Both when we take the candles out of the moulds (if they don’t break that is) and also when we are taking photos of them, bringing them to life and making them look even more beautiful. 

 Sviesa Candles Olive Woman Figure


Your branding colours and candle colours feel very well-considered, how did you go about coming up with a palette for both?

Well, in lockdown, we started going on a lot more adventures, exploring the beautiful countryside in the UK, walking weekends and holidays etc. We saw a fair few sunrises and chased a few sunsets too. You know that point where the sun has gone down for a good 20 minutes the sky creates a crazy gradient colour, it's incredible, that’s what the ŠVIESA colour palette is all about.


Sviesa Cloud Shaped Candles


Take a look at the full range of candles over at their website,