The Home Office Edit

The importance of an organised and relaxing workspace at home is more necessary than ever right now. We've been working from home ourselves over the last four or so months. During this time there has been a lot of fussing around with our desk, but eventually we have come up with the best possible set up, both functionally and aesthetically! We will talk you through the products we've settled on to create this perfect home office.

First and foremost is the humble mug. Our chosen option has been handmade by London based ceramicist Lilly, AKA The Super Sparrow. Fairly recently (and luckily with coffee shops closing) we acquired a Sage coffee machine and have since been addicted to a morning espresso. This ceramic mug is the perfect size for either a double or single shot and provides us with the necessary caffeine hit to begin the day!


Of course every mug needs a coaster and in perfect harmony with the natural espresso mug sits the ground coffee coaster made by Lucia, founder of Pigment & Razzo. Amazingly the soft colour of these coasters comes from recycled ground coffee, and when you look close enough you can see the small bits of the wonderful bean within them! The neutral combination of the mug and coaster make a great pair and stop the desk feeling cluttered which for us is important for focus.

In order to reduce stress levels we have also found that the scent of our lavender and rose geranium candle provides much needed relaxation. Our candle is hand poured in London and made with 100% essential oils meaning the scent is amazing but not overwhelming. 


For extra organisation we keep our stationary minimal. We picked up a schedule planner on a trip to Lisbon and this sits on the desk along with one of our hand carved pen blocks, made by carpenter John. John has also made our much loved 'Table Top Thingies' with repurposed wood. This adds some extra height to the small desk space and also gives us somewhere to display our mini jungle.

Finally, to complete the space and add some colour we've framed an original painting of a vase of flowers skilfully painted by my great-grandad, Cecil. It is bright, cheerful and inspires our creativity every day.