Our Feature in The Mail on Sunday

I jumped out of bed for once on a Sunday morning! Other than a huge spider landing on me, the only other way to get me up on a Sunday is by being featured in The Mail on Sunday.. obviously!

We've been keeping this hushed for a while now because we were in a bit of disbelief that we would really be featured, so didn't want to get our hopes up too much. However, it really did happen, and yet we still don't really believe it!

I think for me, one of the biggest achievements with this feature is sitting alongside the big players in the interiors and homewares industries. There are some larger companies, such as Trouva that I really admire, but at the same time, many of these brands mass produce poor quality products, and often unethically and unsustainably too.

Our aim has always been to promote independent artists, makers, designers and craftspeople. Those who are passionate and invested in what they create, and those who are considerate of the environment in their making process, and make something that is long-lasting.

In this feature we are on par with many of the large companies; infiltrating a market that effectively needs to 'slow down'. Like fashion, homeware trends come and go in seasonal cycles, and we're encouraged to shop cheaply and to consume a lot! We don't want you to consume a lot.. we want you to purchase thoughtfully and to really consider whether the product will make you happy, or is necessary. 

Our relationship with our homes is heightened more than ever. They need to be safe spaces which support and comfort our emotions, so being surrounded by things that 'bring us joy' as the wonderful Marie Kondo would say.. is so so important. 

Take a look at Sophie Eveleigh's handmade, ceramic vase below...