The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers

Today our new gift set has been featured in Tatler Magazine! We are definitely on a roll with features and we hope this will continue for the foreseeable future!

This wonderful Espresso Set is comprised of handmade pieces by two artists; Lucia and Lilly.

Lucia is the designer and founder behind brand Pigment & Razzo, and she works predominantly with the material, jesmonite - creating beautiful and functional coasters and trays.

Lilly is the maker and founder of The Super Sparrow. Working from her studio in Deptford she hand builds her ceramics, and glazes the speckled clay in nature inspired colour ways. 

This set includes Lilly's Espresso Cup and Spoon, along with Lucia's Ground Coffee Coaster. Made by the hands of these talented designers, this collaboration of artistry is not only soothing to admire, it has a wonderful tactile quality when being used too.

The Ground Coffee Coasters gain their name because recycled, ground coffee is used to create their pigment and texture. Lucia mixes the coffee into the jesmonite to give it a soft, natural colour and unique look. The hexagonal shape is smart and adds an edge to the soft shapes of the cup and spoon.

The ceramic pieces have been made with stoneware clay, making them durable and meaning this gift set will have a longevity so that many, many happy espresso's can be drunk from it! 

Every piece is individually made so the colours and shapes will vary slightly, however, this makes each piece unique and characterful, so you can ensure that whoever you gift this set to has received something very special.

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