An Insight Into Our Timeless Textiles

Our launch collection of soft furnishings and textiles is one that is close to our hearts. 

We strongly believe in the reuse and repurpose of fabrics and materials, where possible to create our textile products. Vintage fabrics are a lovely alternative to brand new materials, and are often more durable too. By using vintage prints and designs for our cushions we have essentially recycled them and given them a new lease of life! Many of the fabrics you see in our launch collection were originally curtains, table cloths, panels of fabric from aprons, and off cuts from huge bolts of material which had tiny defects making them unusable for large scale manufacturing. Sadly these materials often and unnecessarily go to waste, with a large percentage ending up in landfill.

The textile industry is known to be detrimental on our environment, but often people only consider the impact of fashion. However, soft furnishings, and homewares have a huge part to play, with recent research revealing Brits alone discard an average of 22 million pieces of furniture per year (much of which goes straight to landfill). To help prevent quite so much waste we are trying to do our bit by up-cycling and we encourage you to do the same too! 

Reupholstery is a wonderful alternative to buying brand new, as well as looking out for second hand furniture and soft furnishings to repurpose or reuse. Sometimes a lick of paint, or a good professional clean is all it takes to refresh your upholstered and cabinet furniture. If you have home goods you'd like to get rid of you could donate them to charity, or even sell them on yourself. 

We hope our textile products will inspire the repurpose and use of more vintage fabrics in your homes. There is a beauty to these materials, they have stories to tell and history to their designs and prints, and most importantly they are not hurting mother nature!

P.S As well as the cover we have also considered our cushion fillings. They are made from 100% British sheep’s wool. This is a naturally anti-allergenic filling which offers a firm and stable feel and is an eco-friendly and sustainable cushion filling option. 

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