Vintage Homeware and Why it’s Worth Investing in

As well as working with artisans and independent makers, at Florence + Blank we also stock a range of vintage ceramics and textiles on our Vintage Finds page. Emilie (a.k.a. Florence) has a particular passion for sourcing retro homeware items and small vintage treasures because of their history, quality and the way in which they fit with F+B’s sustainability ethos. 

Why Shop Vintage?

Vintage accessories have a story to tell through their timeless design and the expert workmanship they exhibit. If a trinket dish from the 1930’s could talk, it would certainly have more stories to tell than one picked up from the home aisle at Sainsbury’s! Vintage objects are not only charming and well crafted, they are also good for the environment.   

Historical value

Fashions and styles change over time, but they nearly always come back around. When you buy vintage, you are buying something that speaks to you and your personal tastes, that has its very own history. From materials and colours to silhouettes and details, retro pieces tell us something about their place in time and to preserve such items is a wonderful way to pass on their character to future generations. Carefully selected vintage objects are far more likely to hold or even accrue value as opposed to new mass-produced homewares and therefore make a great investment. 

Quality materials

Fast fashion and disposable household accessories are rife in today’s consumerist society but that hasn’t always been the case. Before the middle of the 20th century, things (fabrics, building materials, decorative items etc.) were made to last and when they faltered, they were fixed by skilled craftspeople. Buying vintage homeware is a pretty failsafe way to know that you are procuring something of top quality. Afterall, if it’s lasted this long, it’s likely to last long into the future too.  

Sustainable shopping

The people of the world are gradually becoming more eco-conscious and buying vintage homeware is a fantastic way to approach furnishing your home in a more sustainable way.  Giving retro items a new lease of life saves them from ending up in landfill and it also means that fewer natural resources are used in manufacturing brand new goods.  When you purchase something that has already been made, used and cherished, you are not only getting something with character but you are also reducing the carbon footprint involved in resourcing materials, manufacturing processes and long-distance shipping.  

Vintage Household Items

At Florence + Blank, we pay consideration to the environment, both in the production of products and their delivery to you. Our range of vintage accessories have been passionately sourced with care and love. If you have any questions about our vintage finds, please feel free to contact us.  

Written by Millie Sephton