Welcome to our Studio!

Okay, so we say studio, but actually this room in our home is so much more than that. It is a studio, a stock room, a guest bedroom, a place to nap in the sunshine, somewhere to feel inspired and to create, our photography studio, wrapping and packing station, home office, sewing room.. and well so much more. 

At the beginning of 2020 we would've never pictured it to be the space it is now, it really is crazy what has happened and changed in the last six months or so. Before March Sam was working in an office in Victoria Monday to Friday, and I was travelling around London, Surrey and Kent visiting clients in their homes. When covid hit our lives were turned upside down; Sam started working from home and I was furloughed, so this really made us consider how we use the space within our flat and how it best fits our present and importantly would work for our future selves. 

With new found time to make our dreams become a reality, Florence + Blank was born! Suddenly we were inundated with stock and products and had absolutely nowhere to store it all... Kim and Aggie wouldn't have been impressed with the mess. However, the one thing we didn't want to do was rush into buying storage and furniture for the space as we really needed it to work in so many ways and be versatile.

We considered a colour scheme that would be a good backdrop for all of the colourful and neutral products, and settled on Farrow & Ball's Setting Plaster for the walls, (which we plan to put on the ceiling at some point too!). Other accent colours are a deep blue and chalk blue, and hints of brighter pink and deeper magenta. Textures include unstained wood, white and black painted wood and a natural loop pile wool carpet with linen curtains. 

A feature we were really keen to add was a curtain to cover the shelving units. By closing these it makes the space feel much less cluttered, and it suddenly feels like a relaxing bedroom when the sofa bed is pulled out and full of cosy cushions.

We repurposed the book shelving by painting it white and cutting it down to the right height. Then we gave the storage a more bespoke feel by getting two big sheets of plywood cut to size, and these sit at the same height as the desk and create a surface which runs at the same height around half of the space, this adds a great flow.

It was quite hard to get a picture of the whole space so keep your eyes peeled as we'll do a video soon and give you a full guided tour!