We're fundraising for Alzheimer's Society!

For a week or so back in March I was supposed to be trekking the Sahara Desert for Alzheimer's Society. I was in the gym most mornings in the days leading up to the adventure, and during every session I'd have the news on the TV in the background. Day by day, week by week Covid was creeping closer and sadly (and also understandably!) the trip was postponed and will now, hopefully happen in March '21.

Whilst there was some disappointment I came to the realisation that this delay will give me and my dad more time to raise more money.. which can only be a good thing! Alzheimer's Society is an amazing cause which is transforming the landscape of dementia forever. Until a cure is found their aim is to create a society where those affected by dementia are supported. 

As a family alzheimers has impacted us greatly, and back in 2014 we sadly lost our dad/grandad to this awful disease. Many other families will have been through the same or will be experiencing this pain right now, and any donation; big or small will go towards supporting them, and most importantly of all the individual who is suffering with dementia.

I must admit we've been lacking on the fundraising front for the last six months or so, but now I'm feeling inspired so wanted to talk about my current idea to raise some money! (To break up my chattiness please enjoy some pictures of trek training taken on the Cornish coastline!).

Recently, I've been putting a lot more time into improving my skills in ceramics. I was making mugs and coiling their handles, and I had a little bit of one handle left over. This rogue coil immediately reminded me of a sausage dog and with that image in my head I began to carve out its features. Since, he's been through one firing and is currently glazed and awaiting his second firing. I'm hoping he survives and comes out looking very cute!

My idea for fundraising has arisen from this little sausage dog, and I'm now thinking that I'll make peoples pets from clay for a donation! The response to this idea has been amazing and I think it'll be a great way to fundraise without there being any risk of spreading the virus. All of the initial ways I considered to raise more money generally revolved around events which would mean lots of people coming together.. not feasible right now! 

I'll be keeping you all updated with my pet progress and when I've perfected the process we hope to have a dedicated page on the website where you can make a donation, upload pictures of your pet and receive its mini-me back in the post.

In the meantime if you would like to visit our fundraising page, read more about how your donation would help, or just see what we're up to then please click on the link below!

Emilie and Clive's Sahara Desert Trek