Baby G

Georgia Beaumont, working under her childhood pseudonym that stuck: Baby G, is a painter, based between the UK and Barcelona. After a dalliance studying fine art in London, her work explores the coming back to find an internal creative stronghold, and also themes of coming of age and the intuitive female spirit. She has taken part in projects in Sydney, London and Barcelona.

At present, my painting is closely tied to personal life experiences, the forms - often drawn from nature - are a collection of motifs and symbols that I’ve collected along the way that serve as my personal emblems and yardsticks of this life-journey. The garland-like structures and leafy shapes are a celebration of a self that’s coming-of-age, with seed-like organic forms signifying a sense of emotional fertility and abundance.

The intuitive forms and colours are like moments of dialogue between my internal emotional self and physical, lived experiences. Through my work I seek to nurture those deepest most embedded thoughts within that can sometimes otherwise struggle to define themselves.

As I paint I find closer alignment with my own female intuition, for the work itself is imbued with the feminine. I explore how to take ownership of my place in the world, embodying the growth process from unknowing to knowing. Alongside this comes the complexities of owning ‘womanhood’ and grappling with what exactly it means to me, all the while patiently accepting the ebb and flow and change of things. Reflected echoed in the use of colour and communicated in the contrasting areas of bold, flat colour and softer, powdery, layered paint.