Florence + Blank

Florence + Blank, aka Emilie and Sam!

What begun as an interest in textile design for Emilie, soon transpired into various outputs. The broadness of 'textile' allowed her the freedom to explore various surfaces; most obviously fabrics, but also ceramics, print design, drawing and collage too. Working with and producing so many different outcomes feels unrestraint and provides an explorative nature to her works. Her influences are largely interiors based, with her own home, or her families homes providing much of the security and comfort which is present in her work. Whether this is the use of a classic, British floral fabric, reminiscent of growing up in the countryside or a more minimal Scandinavian aesthetic, subtly inspired by her time spent in Sweden and also Sam's taste. 

Sam has a background in interior and product design, whilst now working as a professional graphic designer. In line with Emilie he enjoys making in a variety of ways in order to let his creativity flourish. Many of his designs are digitally focused and reflect his graphic and minimal aesthetic, however working with clay balances this precision and allows for less control. Sam enjoys the suspense of the unknown when firing a vessel, or applying a glaze. He feels it adds a new dimension of spontaneity to what he otherwise produces, which is generally well refined and decisive.