About Us

Our aim for Florence + Blank is to provide a creative retail platform to help support and promote independant artists and makers whose aesthetic we love. We admire and appreciate makers, artists and their crafts on an individual basis, and feel it is important to know the person behind the product. You can find out more about each maker on 'The Artists & Makers' page. 

Our dedication is to slow design, unique one off pieces, and small batch works, which last a lifetime aesthetically and functionally. We believe that handmade products challenge todays throw away society. Time, love, environmental consideration of the materials used, and importantly connection through human touch (which has been significantly lost through use of machinery) make the item more meaningful and tactile.

Repurposing or reusing pre-loved pieces is something else we aim to promote. You can shop our sourced and curated products under 'Vintage Finds'.

You can read more about us, our collective of designers and artists, and our environmentally friendly products in our frequent blog posts.