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Candlestick Holder Terracotta

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This handmade, jesmonite candlestick holder is architecturally inspired in form. The terracotta inspired colour pallet and surface make it a great statement piece for a dinner table or mantle piece.

Please note as this item is handmade, every one will be unique with slight variants in the marble surface effect, and some air bubbles may also occur. 

DIMENSIONS: Height 6cm, Width 8cm, Depth 3.5cm.

CARE: For longevity avoid letting the candle burn below the candle opening/ on the surface of the holder. If your candle drips onto the holder we recommend gently scraping the wax off with a blunt object.

DETAILS: Handmade candlestick holder made with jesmonite. Fits two standard straight candles between 21mm and 25mm. Ensure that the candles fit snuggly before lighting so they don't fall out!

DISCLAIMER: Never leave candles unattended!