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Minimal Candlestick Holder Lavender

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A bespoke candlestick holder, made especially for our wedding, with dried lavender to create a lovely scent and texture.

Please note as this item is handmade, every one will be unique with slight variants in surface effect, and some air bubbles may also occur. 

DIMENSIONS: Height 6cm, Width 8cm, Depth 3.5cm.

CARE: For longevity avoid letting the candle burn below the candle opening/ on the surface of the holder. If your candle drips onto the holder we recommend gently scraping the wax off with a blunt object.

DETAILS: Handmade candlestick holder made with jesmonite. Fits two standard straight candles between 21mm and 25mm. Ensure that the candles fit snuggly before lighting so they don't fall out!

DISCLAIMER: Never leave candles unattended!