Ollie Brooks

Roof Extensions Limited Print

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Roof Extensions was inspired by a series of photos taken while exploring Ho Chi Minh City in 2018. Ollie admired the smart ad-hoc modifications, repairs and creatively adapted add-ons around the city. These roof top forms have then transposed to the chopped up, bold shapes in blocks of unfamiliar colours within this print.

This A3 Print comes backed on recycled grey-board and in cellophane. The paper quality is matt, recycled and 300gsm.

Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which verifies the artist and the prints edition number. There are a total of ten editions of this particular artwork.

We also have Wooden Print Frames available.

DIMENSIONS: Width 29.7cm, Height 42cm.


Please note that this is a high quality print of the original artwork, not the original piece.